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About Us

Our company was founded to ensure quality firearms training was attainable by anyone for a reasonable price.  We are a family owned small business.  All of our instructors are NRA & USCCA certified in multiple disciplines.  We created a niche training program that our previous students absolutely love.  We designed the program to be taught in your home with friends and family and the we go out to the range for live fire.  We have learned that people learn best when in a confortable known environment.

Out Florida Concealed Carry courses are not a basic safety course and live fire.  While we cover everything that is required for the state we also provide additional instruction on how to carry, best ways to carry, drawing from concealment, moving through your home with a friearm safely and so much more.

Our classes are tactical as well as non-tactical and range from those designed to safely introduce beginners to firearms to the most advanced classes designed to provide civilians as well as professionals with safe, effective training in advanced firearm tactics.  In addition, we provide services to consult with you on how to safely store firearms in your home.

In addition we provide churches with consulting services as well as church security team training at a very reasonable cost.

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